The Bilbao Bay: Gorliz, Plentzia, Barrika

11 December, 2018 troka Blog MICE EN

Aerial view of Plentzia Bay. Photo taken from flickr, property of the user inesca.

Thanks to its location between the three small cities of Gorliz, Barrika and Plentzia, the rough Cantabrian Sea is less intense in the Bilbao Bay, creating perfect natural surroundings. The beaches of Gorliz and Plentzia, nearly one kilometre long, the Butrón river, flowing along the old district of Plentzia and curving around the Butrón castle further up, the Barrika cliffs, with their high-valued Bizkaia Flysch, where famous TV shows were recorded. All these places are connected by natural places, next to the beach and surrounding the river and cliffs.

Why is the Bilbao Bay a MICE destination?

It stays in a short distance from Bilbao (27km) and its airport (20km), with good road and public transport connection. The Gorliz beach has free WIFI and an extensive parking area.

Many facilities, such as Basque sports ‘frontones’, provide a shelter for the events in case of bad weather. The PMS (Plentzia Marine Station from the Basque Country University) offers room for meetings and events, right on the beach.

The great hotel diversity can answer the necessities of the programmed events.

It is the location of an active tourism organisation, focussed on corporate activities, with a 2000 square metres garden in front of the beach, changing rooms, showers…

Imagen aérea de la base de actividades de Troka Abentura en Gorliz. Destinos: Gorliz-Plentzia.

The Troka Abentura buildings, with their 2000 square metres garden, are perfect for the organisation of corporate events, such as our ‘herri kirolak’ traditional sports activities and demonstration, or a gymkhana…

The Bilbao Bay offers a great diversity of possible corporate activities and events, on the ground and on the water, in the diverse settings that are available around, such as:

The Plentzia River, with calm waters, an exceptional place for activities like kayaking and BIGSUP, discovering experiences such as ‘following-the-elvers-way’, a traditional fishing activity that still goes on nowadays.

Imagen de actividad con piragua por la ría de Plentzia. Destinos: Gorliz-Plentzia.

A recent team-building addition, the traditional rowing activity is a great experience to imitate the former ‘arrantzales’ (fisherman) that went whale fishing years ago.

The cliffs of Barrika, Sopela, Getxo and Gorliz offer the most amazing easy tracks, that lead us to enjoy the Bizkaia Flysch and diverse geologic expressions such as Sopela’s Pillow Lava, the golden nail from the Aizkorri beach in Getxo and the tidal plain, all dominated by the Gorliz Lighthouse. This area can be covered hiking or riding electric mountain bikes. If adrenaline is what you are looking for, the Gorliz cliffs have a path that you can enjoy jumping in the water, swimming, walking on rock layers, checking caves… Coasteering is a real blast.

In the same bay, in the water, we can benefit from team-building activities in kayak, bigsup, as well as water challenges with nets, underwater puzzles… The beach, then, is a protected sandbank, ideal for fun activities such as surfing or body boarding. It is circled by a path that links the towns from Gorliz and Plentzia.

Vista aérea de la playa de Gorliz y Plentzia. Destinos: Gorliz y Plentzia

Last but not least, the attractive offers linked to the Basque traditions and culture can be offered there. Turned into corporate experiences, both the participation and exhibition of ‘herri kirolak’ rural sports are part of the options.

A destination with many options and undiscovered by many companies and agencies still. Troka Abentura reveals it to you.


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