Ginkana Cuadrilla Ipad

  • Remando junto a la ría de Bilbao. Ginkana Ipad - Team Building
  • Frente al Teatro Arriaga preparados para un nuevo reto. Ginkana Ipad - Team Building
  • Equipo de Ginkana Ipad en la Plaza Nueva de Bilbo . Ginkana Ipad - Team Building
  • Pasticipantes de una Ginkana Ipad en el parque de Doña Casilda de Bilbao. Ginkana Ipad - Team Building

Team Building with the iPad Gymkhana

The iPad Gymkhana is a team-building activity, designed to be enjoyed in an urban environment, combining technology and team work.

The activity begins by splitting the group into two teams, and giving each of these an iPad. It will lead the rhythm for this game, presenting various challenges, riddles and questions, to make the team discover the Basque culture, rural sports and traditions. This is an opportunity for the team to see how it feels to be a Basque ‘cuadrilla’ (group of friends) among the streets of our cities and villages.

This activity usually lasts between one and two hours, during which the two teams will need their wit and skills in order to obtain the maximum points. The team with most points wins the challenge.

This fun and complete team building activity is easily adaptable to the needs and requirements of the client.

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Bilbao or any city, town or place in Euskadi


2 hours approximately, depending on the client’s needs.


All year