Ginkana Bilbao Ipad

  • Equipo pasando uno de los retos en la Ginkana ipad para empresas en Bilbao.

A destination through the ipad

Gymkhana, orientation, culture, emotion, a destination seen though technology and team participation. “A destination through the ipad” is an urban adventure designed for companies, during which the main characters will be the Basque culture and and the peculiarities of cities like Bilbao, San Sebastian and Vitoria.

Challenges, questions, quizzes, implication of the whole team and a heavy dose of emotion, wit and good spirits. Discover our cities in an active and creative way, sharing the experience, getting to know more from our culture, history and, of course, gastronomy.

Live a great adventure during the Gymkhana iPad.

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Wherever the client needs it. This gymkhana can be adapted to any other city, as well as to a theme that adapts to what the client requires.


Depending on the client’s needs, between one and three hours.


All year