All the Active Tourism and Adventure Sports activities from the hostel have a certain potential risk. Troka Abentura will put the human and material resources in order to minimise this risk as much as possible, but there is always some uncontrollable risk. Participants should know it, accept it and collaborate in this respect, mostly by following the monitors and guides’ instructions.

  1. All people that will take part to any of the activities have the obligation to read the present general conditions that are always sent to the person, agency or organisation that makes the booking.
  2. All the booked activities should include their respective booking form, without it Troka Abentura won’t stay responsible for carrying the activity on.
  3. As the activities take place in a natural environment and with different types of people, they are submitted to possible variations, planned before or taking place directly on the day of the activity. (Physical condition of the participants, weather forecast…) In case the activity is cancelled by Troka, the client has the right to postpone it, or to enjoy another activity with similar characteristics, or to the refund of the paid amount.
  4. The transport to the activities’ location or to their starting place is to be handled by the client, Troka Abentura exclusively takes the responsibility of the organisation of the activities, as well as of the technical-sportive matters.
  5. The activities’ fares are the ones that Troka offers publicly, which include the VAT, with the corresponding prices for each activity or program, depending on the number of participants, on the number of activities to complete and on the participating group’s typology. The prices are per person. The rest of services, such has lodging and transport, need to be booked by the client himself, although in some cases Troka might help with the transaction. Prices include the technical equipment needed for the activity.
  6. Any special condition that might affect a client, either on a physical or psychological level, has to be communicated previously to Troka Abentura (pregnancy, possible paraplegia or cardiovascular illness; as well as informing about possible decreases from one’s physical, psychological or sensory capacities). Participants should know how to swim for all of our aquatic activities.
  7. Pregnant people should mention their condition in advance to the company, they will then be informed on the existing options.
  8. All the activities benefit from a Civil Liability Insurance, taken out with the IBERIAN INSURANCE GROUP Company, with the policy nº IIG2019000257, and from an Accident Insurance taken out with the SURNE Company with the policy nº 20180520362954. Both insurances meet the coverage and amount required by the law.
  9. We have Technical Fact Sheets for all of our activities, that can be requested and where each activity’s specific conditions appear. Participants under the age of 18 should bring the corresponding approval or be escorted by a responsible person.
  10. In order to ensure the activities’ booking, you need to contact the Booking Centre from Troka Abentura, where you will be asked for all the needed information in order to complete it. You will receive a pre-booking sheet, with the necessary general information, this one will be considered as a firm booking when a deposit of 25% of the total amount will be made. Any special condition will be mentioned properly in the booking sheet. The rest of the payment will be made before the activity, the way it will be mentioned for each case. THIS SHEET WILL CONSTITUTE THE ACTIVITY CONTRACT between both parts, once the payment of the pre-booking is made.
  11. In the case activities are booked directly at our facilities, we will follow the same booking process at the same time.
  12. In case of a cancellation from the client or of a reduction of the number of bookings, whenever there still is a minimum group to carry the activity:
    – NOTIFYING MORE THAN 1 MONTH BEFORE, we will charge 25% of the total booking cost, or of the cost of the cancelled bookings, to cover the management costs.
    – NOTIFYING BETWEEN 1 MONTH AND 6 DAYS BEFORE, we will charge 50% of the total booking cost, or of the cost of the cancelled bookings, to cover the management costs.
    – NOTIFYING BETWEEN 5 DAYS AND 1 DAYS BEFORE, we will charge 75% of the total booking cost, or of the cost of the cancelled bookings, to cover the management costs.
    – NOTIFYING LESS THAN 24 HOURS BEFORE OR NOT SHOWING AT THE PLACE, HOUR AND DATE CONFIRMED IN THE REGISTRATION FORM, we will charge 100% of the total booking cost, or of the cost of the cancelled bookings, to cover the management costs.
  13. Not showing at the location, date and hour as planned on the booking sheet will cancel any right to some refund of any type. In addition, if the company has to cancel the activity because the clients show clear signs of being under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, this will cancel the right to any refund as well.
  14. By confirming the booking, we understand that every point of the present General Conditions of the Activities is assumed. When inscribing other persons, this implies the assumption of all the inscribed persons of this General Conditions.
  15. For any claim, on top of our complaints book, you can get in touch with the Booking Centre of the company.
  16. Troka Abentura S.L. keeps the right to use the photos taken during the progress of activities for their future exclusive use for company marketing (website, social networks and leaflets connected directly to Troka Abentura). Participants that do not wish to stand on the photos should mention it at our office before the start of the activity.
  17. By booking any service from Troka Abentura, S.L., the Client accepts that he will receive the invoice in digital format. Beside the previous mention, the Client can choose at any time to receive the invoice in paper form by asking for it calling the Troka Abentura, S.L. customer service at the following number: 94 677 42 65.
  18. Any combined trip booking will be made through Troka Abentura itself with the CIE 2325.

Troka Abentura, S.L. works on active and passive security parameters on the totality of its activities, which is why it is directly responsible for them. The company has a full security protocol for the activities, as well as concerning the way to act in case of an accident.
The difficulty level is set on two levels: the necessary physical effort and the previous technical knowledge needed for the progress of the activities. It has to be taken into account that some activities are not adapted to some age ranges, but we won’t include them here since this is directly written in the Information Sheet of the Activity.
Initiation _ Basic: for all audiences, from 6 years old on. No previous technical knowledge needed, no need of a notable physical effort.
Intermediate: continuous but not highly physical effort needed, basic previous knowledge of the technique.
Advanced: important and continuous physical effort, good previous knowledge of the technique.
The human team of Troka Abentura, S.L. is composed with qualified Guides and professional Instructors, with the necessary experience and capacity to be directly in charge of the activities. For this reason, all participants are obliged to follow their indications and instructions during the activities’ progression.
The activities offered by Troka Abentura, S.L. take place in a Natural Environment, this is why we should take the most care of the location where we enjoy them and avoid by all means to leave any trace of our presence there. Therefore, all participants should attend the indications given for this purpose by the Guides and Instructors.

According to the established in the current regulation about the Protection of Personal Data, please note that your information will be incorporated to the processing system belonging to TROKA ABENTURA SL with CIF B95030078 and registered office in ARTZETAZ KALEA MANZANA 2 PAB 6 48630, GORLIZ (BIZKAIA), in order to hand you the corresponding invoice. To fulfil the current regulation, TROKA ABENTURA SL informs that the data will be kept during the delays established legally.
With the present clause, you are informed that your information will be communicated in the case it is necessary to the following: public administrations, and any entity to which the communication is necessary in order to comply with the performance of the afore mentioned service.
Not facilitating the data to the mentioned entities implies that the services cannot be delivered.
Likewise, please note that you can contact with the Personal Data Protection Delegate from TROKA ABENTURA SL, writing to the following direction: or calling at the following number: 902877192.

TROKA ABENTURA SL informs that it will proceed the data in a legal, fair, transparent, adequate, pertinent, limited, exact and actualised way. This is why TROKA ABENTURA SL makes the compromise to adopt any reasonable measure in order to suppress or correct quickly the information in case it is wrong.
You can exercise your right of access, correction, limitation of the process, suppression, portability and opposition/revocation as established by the current regulation about Data Protection, addressing your demand to the following postal address: ARTZETAZ KALEA MANZANA 2 PAB 6 48630, GORLIZ (BIZKAIA) or by email at
You can address the competent Control Authority in order to present the claim that you consider appropriate.