• Salto de coasteering
  • Trepando por las rocas. Coasteering para empresas.
  • Saliendo de una piscina natural en la costa vasca. Viajes en globo y kayak.
  • Grupo saludando desde las rocas. Coasteering para empresas.
  • Saliendo del agua. Coasteering para familias y grupos.
  • Jóvenes saltando al agua de la actividad de coasteering para jóvenes

Coasteering for companies in the Basque Country

Walk, swim, jump, dive: choose your route down the cliffs of the Basque Coast.

Coasteering for companies is an experience that can combine one or more activities such as hiking, small jumps in the water, small dives, swims and climbs during a route along the sea. Following the itinerary, we’ll get to know and respect the flora and fauna that we will observe. The same path can offer various options of different difficulty levels, depending on the participants’ taste as well as of the sea conditions. Adventure and emotion down the cliffs and beaches of the Basque Coast.

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Gorliz, 27 km away from Bilbao. 


2 hours on the water, in total 3 and half hours. 


From May 1 to October 31
Other dates checked


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