Berroja Basque Sports – Rural Sports – Farmhouse Challenges

  • Actividades para empresas en Bodega Berroja
  • Actividades para empresas en Bodega Berroja
  • Actividades para empresas en Bodega Berroja
  • Miembro del equipo verde lanzando la txapela. Evento de empresa con GoBasquing en Bodega Berroja.
  • Gincana terrestre para empresas en Bodega Berroja. 3 julio 2019
  • Actividades para empresas en Bodega Berroja

Basque country has always been closely connected to its traditions and customs. The ancient traditional farmhouse tasks have been taken up as sporting activities. The most well-known challenges and trials then taken up to become a touristic experience.

We are a village community, intimately tied to our traditions and customs. This beat resounds in every corner of our land creating bridges between a past tied to the work of the countryside and the sea with a present immersed in modernity. For that reason, we thought it interesting to retrieve these labours, once carried out in the farmhouses, and convert them into challenges and trials with which we can create an intense and entertaining experience.

Enjoy a team Building activity in an incredible environment, the Berroja Bodega (Berroja Wine Cellars). Wine cellars dedicated to the production of txakoli (a light acidic wine produced in some areas of the Basque Country) found situated on a hillock where we can view the entire Reserva de la Biosfera de Urdaibai (Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve).

From Work to Play and From Play to Team

In this activity we suggest that you participate directly, living a unique sports-cultural experience, now that we have converted different ’ Herri Kirolak (Basque Rural Sports) into Team building challenges. Alzada de fardo (Bale lifting), Soka-tira (Tug-of-war), Lokotzak-Mazorcas (Corn gathering), Arrastre de ‘piedras’(Stone dragging) … and other innovations that form part of the proposals we make.

We work on aspects such as coordination, cooperation, strategy, balance, responsibility assumption, team building, trust and huge doses of fun and entertainment.

For the team at Troka Abentura each event or session is unique, we personalize them according to the needs and objectives of the client. We assess the possible inclusion of specific trials or details that the client wants to introduce into the session.

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