Rural sport participation for companies

  • Participantes de una prueba de Herri Kirolak, compitiendo a la Sokatira

The Basque Country has always been strongly connected to its traditions and practices. The chores carried long ago on the farmhouses were converted into sports, where people would challenge themselves during famous competitions. And now, these competitions have been transformed into tourism experiences.

What we offer is a fun Team Building activity, in which you’ll directly take part. You’ll live a real cultural experience, since we converted various ‘Herri Kirolak’ (Basque rural sports) into Team Building challenges. Here are the challenges you’ll take part to: Alzada (Raising a straw bale), Soka-tira (tug-of-war), Lokotzak-Mazorcas, ‘Stone’ dragging … and additional innovations.

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Anywhere. To be confirmed with the organisation.


2 hours approximately, depending on the client’s needs.


All year long


Min.  and Max. consult