An adventure story
Prreparado para entrar al agua con el kayak. Una historia de aventuras.
Equipo de monitories y monitoras de multiaventura. Una historia de aventuras.
Mostrando el logo de Troka en una cima. Una historia de aventuras.
Posando con amigos. Una historia de aventuras.

Troka Abentura was born has an Active Tourism and Adventure Sports company on the 1st of July from 1999, when two adventure partners decided to share their passion and illusions with others. We decided to take over the great challenge of getting professional.

The more than 15 years of professional work, hours of excitement, joys and emotions and the unconditional support of our clients have converted us in a leading edge company of the industry. We learned and adapted the activities and experiences to the different requirements of our clients.

We started our journey in a small office in the old district of Bilbao, with a warehouse in the Rekalde district and our old van. We travelled thousands of kilometres to the Sierra de Guara, in order to lead the most demanded activity back then, canyoning. In the Panzano camping next to the Formiga Canyon, in Huesca, we had our first activities base, years of climbing, jumping, and a lot of emotion.

Nearly at the same time, we started with the management of what is today our headquarters, the Gorliz hostel. We had to retrain ourselves, from the mountain to the beach, from the canyons to the cliffs, from ice axes to surf boards, but we won’t forget our origins.

At the beginning, we focussed our work on school centres and summer camps, therefore we specialised with big groups. We are still working and positioning ourselves for the development of new active tourism experiences, slowly getting where we are today, with an important work done with educational centres as a clear reality and centred into growing our activities for companies, events and incentives.

Nearly 20 years of adventures, getting to know numerous professionals that shared so many hours with us, moments of joy and emotion and as well harder times, as in any entrepreneurial initiative.

This how we forged ourselves into what we are now, thanks to you.

Recogiendo un premio. Una historia de aventura.
Un tren de canoas navegando por el río. Una historia de aventuras.
Stan de Troka Abentura en el BEC. Una historia de aventuras.
Posando frente al albergue de Gorliz. Una historia de aventuras.